Skill Lab was founded in 2010 by Gwenael Francois and Julien Becker and creates fiction & branded films. They direct, produce & post-produce their films by mixing reel footage, photos, motion graphics, animation and eveything needed by the projects they create. Influenced by the geek culture the company’s aim is to focus on projects that develop deep stories with strong visual impact.

They worked for brands & organisations like Adidas, France Televisions, Tango or Rosport. They produced their first short film "22h22" in 2013, winner of the Filmpraïs 2013 for the best luxembourgish short film. Their second short "Article 19-42" is hitting festivals around the world. Skill Lab is developing a short animation series, a VR experiment, a documentary and a feature film.


Esch/Alzette (Luxembourg)


Featured Projects

Ludwig CCC, OGBL, Tango, Rosport, adidas TERREX,